We at St Matthias’ have entered in to a partnership with St Andrew and St Mark in Dorval to help a Syrian family come to Canada.

Meet Nadia and Antoune

The family we have been hoping to help have had some wonderful news: The parents, Nadia and Antoune, who had been the last Christian individuals living in their community in Allepo, were finally able to make their way to safety in Lebanon.

Meet Nadia and Antoune

 It was through a relationship between a member of that congregation and Antoune and Nadia’s sons Fadi and Pierre that led the family to seek support from St Andrew and St Mark.  This partnership blossomed through many interactions with many people, and grew to extend to us by way of the leadership of both Patrick Wheeler and Elizabeth Welch.
It is a harrowing image-one that has anyone forced to flee from danger, through danger-only to then be caught in the maze that is the reality of anyone seeking asylum….This is strangely magnified when we have real faces to gaze into.

How can you help?

For now-your prayers- and financial support towards this effort are what is most immediate. Any cheques should be made out to
“St Matthias’ Refugee Support”.
Cheques can be mailed to the St. Matthias’ office:
10, Church Hill
Westmount (Québec)   H3Y 2Z9