Attawapiskat Appeal

Healing can sometimes take place with simple gestures…a smile- even a wink during stressful moments can sooth. It can also take huge efforts…It is known we can move mountains. St. Matthias’ response to both local and world events reflects a conscious desire to enter in to relationship with each other and others who are suffering. Our Attawapiskat Appeal is personal. When it comes down to it any sincerely felt appeal made for help is an appeal that opens us all to hope and healing. That a community is losing its’ children and young people to despair is a tragedy. Please follow the link below and respond as guided by the Spirit. We will be delivering all collected goods to Annie on May 21st 2016. Financial contributions can be made to St Matthias’ Church-please mark Attawapiskat on any check you write. Please call the office to arrange a convenient time to drop off any purchases or items you are moved to share.