Monthly donations to St. Matthias’ are now possible!

We are pleased to announce that the PAR System is now available for people to consider using for their contributions to the mission and vision of St. Matthias’ Church Westmount.

PAR, or Pre-Authorized Remittance, is a direct debit program that allows people to support their church through an automatic monthly withdrawal from their bank account. The United Church administers the program following the giver’s wishes (e.g., X amount for local church expenses and X amount for the Mission and Service Fund). Once a month, all PAR givings are debited from givers’ accounts and then the total, less a service fee, is electronically transferred to local church accounts. Tax Receipts are issued by St. Matthias for the amounts donated before the service charge.

For a much more detailed explanation of how this system works and the benefits it can be to you are found on the web United Church website.

Application forms are available in the Church Office or one can be sent to you by email. Please see one of the Wardens if you wish a form given to you on a Sunday or call Dawn Hallas at the office (514) 933-4295 and she can email you a copy. Return the completed form to the office and we will send them in together as is required by the system.