Good news from the PWRDF: You have made a difference!

The St. Matthias’ community is happy to be able to support important initiatives of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF). Here is the story of Lazare and Léonie from Gihanga, Burundi, who you have indirectly helped through the PWRDF.

Lazare and Léonie: from isolation to solidarity

Lazare Nzitonda and his wife Léonie Ndayishimiye, are both HIV positive. As part of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund Preventive Health and Food Security project they benefit from food parcells and the farmers’ agriculture training. Lazare is 60 years old and resides in the community of Gihanga.

He and his wife knew that they were HIV positive but never disclosed their status to friends and family. A Community Health Worker working in the village encouraged them to be tested.  Once their seropositive status was confirmed they were counseled and encouraged to seek treatment and join a support group for people living with AIDS.  They are now part of an association of seropositive people called Dushigikirane which in English means “Solidarity”.

Initially, Lazare and Leonie received food parcels for a period of 3 month and now they are part of an association of farmers living with AIDS that grows tomatoes, bell peppers, and eggplants. He also received support in form of seeds, and agricultural tools from the project. Lazare and Leonie now claim that disclosing their status has freed them and no longuer feel so isolated.

They added that the food parcels were a life saving and allowed them to improve their health, regain their strength and work in the farm again.

Thank you to all who made this possible! Please continue helping the PWRDF by clicking below

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