Incumbent of St. Matthias’

Weekly Bulletin St Matthias

“I am pleased to appoint the Reverend Patrick Wheeler as the new Incumbent of Saint Matthias, Westmount. His appointment is effective March 1, 2015.Father Patrick comes to us from the Church of the Epiphany in Verdun. Please join me in welcoming Father Patrick to St. Matthias.”

This is an excerpt from the letter to the Wardens of St. Matthias from Bishop Barry B. Clarke, received by the Wardens on January 7, 2015 and read to the congregation on January 11, 2015.
Rev. Patrick Wheeler was interviewed at length by the Search Committee who also interviewed other candidates, and the decision was unanimous that Rev. Wheeler was an excellent candidate and choice to take on the leadership of our church.

Father Patrick is married to Janet Kendall and has three adult daughters – all in various stages of university studies. Their names are Emily – 21, Megan – 23, and Melissa – 25. They also include Frodo the dog, as a part of their happy family. Janet works with special needs and troubled children in an inner-city elementary school. Father Patrick grew up in Montreal and was ordained 15 years ago. He is fully bilingual and passionate about his calling to the Ministry. Most recently he was in charge of the amalgamation of three churches in Verdun, a project which was very challenging for him and the three congregations involved. The outcome was a very successful one for all concerned and the new church that was created is called the Church of the Epiphany and its ministry and community involvement is very strong and solid.

During the interview there were four concepts that were repeated many times:

Team / Team Work

These concepts registered very strongly with the committee and reflected the values and characteristics we had identified in the reworking of the Parish Profile and the questions we had prepared for the interview process. We feel strongly that we have chosen well, and we are supported in our decision by the Bishop.

We look forward to welcoming Father Patrick and his family to St. Matthias. They will take up residence in the condo shortly, and his Induction ceremony will take place on Sunday, March 8, 2015 at 7:00 PM here in the church. In order to accommodate these plans, we are also announcing that the Annual Vestry meeting date will be changed to Sunday February 22, 2015, following the 10:30 AM service.

The committee wish to thank everyone for your support and patience throughout this long process. We also extend a special thank you to Archbishop Bruce Stavert for his time and care of our Parish during his appointment as Priest-in-Charge. We feel confident that you will be pleased with our recommendation to the Bishop and look forward to the leadership of Patrick to take us into a new era of development and achievement.

I personally extend my thanks to the members of the Committee – Penny Rankin, my co-Chair, Stephen Hinton (People’ Warden), Jason Seagram, Jude Samson, Merley Cumberbatch Johnston, Heather Barwick, and Brian Davies. They spent a lot of time and energy in the preparation of the new Parish Profile as well as the interview process and all that entailed.

Jane Needles-Bradley, Rector’s Warden